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The Yeti-Apes have one mission:

Embody the spirit of community support in Web3

NFTs are more than mere digital collectibles, they are culture, values, human expression, and people from all around the world building a new future together. The Yeti-Apes are creating their own world, with community contributions and rewards, plus token incentives.

Discover this new world with the Yeti-Apes and learn everything about Web3 and the frontier of the creator economy!

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Discover our Digital Collectibles

We release NFT collections in small batches to filter our community early on. Stay tuned and be part of this amazing community!

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  • Yeti Santas

Yeti-Apes Roadmap for 2024

  • Improve access and higher decentralization

  • Develop a points reward system

  • Token Integration with NFT Bubbles

  • Generate income streams through social media and community management services
Yoint tokens are awarded to reward our community's contributions to the growth of our project and economy. They can be used to vote on our project proposals or exchanged for $YAPES.

Contract address:


On the other hand, $YAPES tokens are used as our liquidity currency, which will be available in multiple exchanges as we expand. The currency will be integrated with dApps like NFT Bubbles and DeFi Protocols.

Contract address:


Both cryptocurrencies are ERC-20 tokens deployed on the Metis Layer 2 network.

More details on the tokenomics and distribution can be found in this public GitHub.

Discover our dual token model for sustainable growth


Become an early contributor by swapping Metis for YAPES on Hermes DEX

Check out this guide to learn how to trade our tokens on a decentralized exchange and earn Yoints by participating.

We collaborate with companies from multiple industries